March for BeltLine Rail!

Make your voice heard to save a transformative project!

This year marks 20 years since the BeltLine transit corridor proposals first emerged—yet we’re still 20 years away from seeing the first stretch of track. 

It’s time to take the fight for BeltLine rail to the BeltLine itself. 
Come join BeltLine Rail Now and our supporters: 

March Details
Sunday, October 6th
Start: 2:00pm at Old Fourth Ward Skate Park
End: 3:30pm at Irwin Street

“Twenty years after we witnessed its founding as an idea, we still don’t have a commitment to build the most transformative transportation project in Atlanta in our lifetimes,” BeltLine Rail Now co-chair Matthew Rao said. “We believe that what our leaders decide in the coming few months is still malleable, and we’re fighting to see the priorities include a full build of rail on the BeltLine by 2030. Waiting till 2050 for a partial build is simply unacceptable.”

BeltLine rail was the top selling point for Atlanta voters, who supported the 2016 transit tax by an overwhelming margin. But the project is getting shoved aside for a grab-bag of special-interest projects, while most neighborhoods on the corridor won’t see a foot of track for another two decades. That’s too long to wait for a city that’s adding thousands of new people a year, many whom want to live near the BeltLine.

“Atlanta has received a lot of acclaim for the BeltLine as transit project that will transform the city,” says Patty Durand, BeltLine Rail Now’s co-chair. “Now three years later, we see that city leaders are short-changing the transit portion of the BeltLine in favor of other projects that aren’t widely embraced and certainly aren’t transformative or ambitious. Is that the best Atlanta can do? We don’t think so.” 

Because of bureaucratic deadlines that will determine who gets federal funding for transit, we need to make our voices heard right away. We urge Atlantans to join us on Oct. 6 to show their support for this badly needed transit solution.

We welcome all transit supporters who want to come out and make their voices heard. If you want to take MARTA to get to the event, check out or use the MARTA app to find the best way for you.