Next meeting on Sunday the 19th!

Since the last time we’ve talked, we’ve learned some things we want to share with you: 

  • We took our concerns about the future plans for BeltLine Rail to the Atlanta Regional Commission, which is in the process of drawing up a new list of projects for the next four years. The new list is going to be put out for public comment this summer, and we want to make sure BeltLine Rail is on it. 

  • The projects that have local government support are the first in line to get federal money, so we’ll need to get the city of Atlanta to support rail for the entire BeltLine. We’re asking the City Council to go on record with that support, so we’ll talk a bit more about making that happen. 

  • And speaking of the Council: The people of District 3 have elected a new representative, Antonio Brown, who some of you may remember from our last meeting. Congratulations, Councilman! His district includes a section of the current and future Westside trail, and we’re looking forward to talking more with him about BeltLine rail.

So what happens next? 

That’s what we hope to discuss with you. We’ll be gathering again May 19 at Buteco, at 1039 Grant Street SE near the Southside BeltLine corridor that’s now under development. Look for us on the patio at 1 pm. 
Your voice is important. It’s helped us keep this transformative vision for a more mobile, equitable and connected city front and center when others would have settled for inadequate half-measures.  Do you have an idea for how we can build support? Do you know any of the decision-makers we need to influence? Do you have a story about why transit is important to you? We’d love to hear about it. See you at Buteco!
– BeltLine Rail Now