Meeting Today & Contact your Council Member!

Hey Everybody!

This is your reminder to come to today's BeltLine Rail Now meeting at 1pm on the patio at Buteco in Grant Park on the SE Beltline corridor. 

Atlanta-area transportation planners are in the process of drawing up a new list of projects for the next four years, and we want to make sure BeltLine Rail is on it. Planners are waiting to hear from our city council members. 

Contact your city council member!

We have an email ready to go. Simply click the button for your council member. You can add more to your email by copying the text below. 

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Rail around the entire BeltLine enables us to move around Atlanta to work, groceries, education, healthcare, parks, recreation, child care, arts, restaurants, and stores. We understand MARTA will announce this summer the final prioritized project list for the More MARTA tax that was approved in 2016.  We were happy to see MARTA vote last October to support light rail on three-quarters of the loop. We want to make sure rail on the BeltLine remains a high priority.  

We acknowledge the Northwest corridor requires additional engineering to accommodate the active rail. While this is the toughest challenge to complete the loop, we urge the city council to increase their action to fulfill the transformative promise of the BeltLine.

The prioritized MARTA project list will be part of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Transit Implementation Plan (TIP) and the ARC Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).  It is VERY important that the BeltLine is on these lists to be eligible for federal funding.

Atlanta needs more transit options to accommodate its growing population and density. We thank the city council for their support in the past and we strongly urge them to support and advocate for full Beltline rail transit. 


Your voice is important. It’s helped us keep this transformative vision for a more mobile, equitable and connected city front and center when others would have settled for inadequate half-measures.

Come share your ideas for how we can build support, knowledge of decision-makers we need to influence, and stories about why transit is important to you. We’d love to hear about it. See you at Buteco!